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The key to premium quality products is using equally premium quality fabric!

At Miri, we use the TENCEL™ Intimate fabric that embraces your body with long-lasting softness to help your skin feel pleasantly cool and dry throughout the day and night. An environmentally reliable integrated pulp-to-fibre technique, TENCEL's modal and lyocell fibres are extracted from wood sources harvested from sustainably supervised forests. A self-sufficient process in energy that recovers co-products from parts of the wood.

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TENCEL Fibres For Lingerie

The fibre of the future is the significant title to carry which is precisely what Austria-based eco-fibre producer Lenzing’s TENCEL has been referred to. The innovative fibre is not only exquisitely soft and pleasant to the skin but also exhibits high flexibility. When the fibre is blended with other fibres, it significantly improves the softness in fabrics, enhancing overall comfort even after washing.


Why switch to lingerie made of this fibre?


Softness measurements and hand evaluations show that fabrics made with TENCEL Modal fibres are as soft as silk! Making for the perfect material for close-to-skin garments with the softness that lasts longer for its ability to withstand more repeated wash and dry cycles for guaranteed longevity.


Washed out and faded clothing does not sit well with anyone, however, with TENCEL branded modal fibres that is not a problem. The colour pigments retain long-lasting colour vibrance better than conventionally dyed fibre and are less prone to fade despite repeated washes.


A necessary and non-negotiable when it comes to our delicates is breathability. Whether you’re seeking comfort in everyday life or post-workout, the TENCEL brand has you covered all aspects of daily living. Not only does the fibre naturally manage the transportation of moisture, it helps to regulate body temperature, keeping you cool even after a sweaty gym session!

Sustainable Production

Unlike numerous synthetic and highly toxic materials, all TENCEL standard fibres are composed of natural materials and are biodegradable and compostable, consequently can entirely revert to nature.


We can go on and on..

Moisture Wicking

Compared to cotton, consumers often say Lyocell fibres feel softer and "breezier" due to the better ability to wick moisture.

Exemplary Absorbency

The fibres absorb moisture more effectively than cotton and allow and regulate the transportation of dampness thus, enhancing the fabric.

Strong In Wet As Well As Dry Conditions

The fibres absorb moisture more effectively than cotton, thus supporting the body's natural thermal regulating mechanism.

Resistant To Wrinkling

The fibres exhibit a soft surface area thus and remain cooler than linen.

Perfect Fall

Fabric made of Tencel lyocell has an excellent drape and a flawless fall.

Merges Well

The fibre merges and mixes well with cotton and silk.

Sustainable Production

The cherry on the top! The production of these fibres is entirely sustainable.

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